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2022-2023 Permits Now Available (Resident Permits are Limited)

Students and Employees who intend to bring a vehicle to campus are required to obtain a Mustang Permit. 

Anyone intending to bring a vehicle to the campus is required to read and follow the parking and safety rules. The Safety Code is located on the campus safety web page. 

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After creating an account return to this page to purchase a Mustang Permit.

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The Mustang Permit is the permit for students and all employees who intend to bring a vehicle to campus. 

The cost of the permit covers one semester of parking privileges, but those who enroll and attend in the fall receive the additional benefit of paying one fee and do not need to purchase a second semester permit. Those attending one semester do not receive a prorated fee.  

If you are a student enrolled in the non-trad "online program" (not the same as taking virtual classes as a TRAD) and you will not be regularly on campus, you do still need a parking permit when you visit. Please contact campus safety at the email below prior to your visit to avoid citation, as temporary purchased permits will be required. 

There are new gates behind the guard shack that requires a Mustang Permit be displayed to enter.  

If your credit card declines, please start over and try using a different card.

Please note: Resident Students are not permitted to park a vehicle on lower campus Mon-Fri between 8 AM - 5 PM. If you find the residence hall parking lots inaccessible (because you did not purchase a Mustang Permit as we advised) you will need to park overnight by the gym and move your vehicle by 8 AM classes during the business week. This is strictly enforced with ticketing. 

For further assistance with permit questions, email:

Add Vehicle 

The benefit of purchasing a Mustang Permit extends to transferring that hanging placard into any vehicle you choose to bring to campus - IF - you first register that vehicle on this site (free).

To "add vehicle" please click the ink above and login to your account. You cannot "delete" vehicles but you can "add" as many vehicles as you intend to transfer your Mustang Permit. 

Students are prohibited from sharing permits and students may not park with employee permits displayed. 

 Purchase Additional Permit

If you lose your Mustang Permit or desire a second permit to keep in additional cars you swap in/out of campus, please use the "purchase additional permit" link. For a reduced fee you may obtain an additional permit. Do not loan these out for use on other student vehicles. 

PayTicket / Appeal Ticket

If you receive receive a ticket for a potential violation of the safety code, take a deep breath, and then come back to this sales site to pay and/or appeal your ticket. Please review the guidelines for appeal near the end of the Safety Code, as merely seeking to avoid the financial consequences of your actions will not receive an appeal. 

Please wait for the follow up email to arrive in your inbox before paying or appealing as there is a separate citation number in that email that allows you to handle your ticket online.  If you did not receive the email you may not have registered your vehicle properly but these tickets remain on file until safety associates you with your vehicle. Regrettably, if you ignore the tickets you find under your windshield, you will be responsible for all on a later date.

Please email if you have any questions but you will be required to purchase a permit before we consider any appeals or accept payment, which means you will accumulate late fees and then be billed on your student account. 

If you have additional questions about your ticket, you may personally schedule an appointment with the Director of Campus Safety. It is not our practice in the safety department to field calls from your parents about your ticket history, and will require you handle your own responsibilities. 

If you require further assistance please email:

The Master's University - 21726 Placerita Canyon Road Santa Clarita, CA 91321 1-800-568-6248

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